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I’m a natural eater again 03/29/2012

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I’m not dieting, but I’m eating healthy. I do not feel that I have a food addiction any longer, since I stopped trying to control my eating. Except, at first, when I was training myself to eat to satisfy physical hunger, I “postponed” my eating until I was physically hungry.

When I was dieting, I ate foods I didn’t like and I tried to not eat at times when I was actually hungry. Because of this behavior, I used to binge and eat when I wasn’t hungry, and, therefore, I had a warped relationship with food. So it took some time to get myself to have more natural experiences with eating in which I listened to my body, ate when I was hungry, stopped when I was full, and ate again only when I felt physical hunger. My behavior is not perfect, however, but I eat a lot more naturally and normally than when I was controlling my eating and the foods I ate.

I eat fairly healthy in general. I eat a variety of foods – mostly complex carbohydrates, including wheat and whole grain, fruit, vegetables, lots of water-based beverages, like filtered water, flavored water, sugar-free iced-tea and flavored drinks, and diet soda. In a typical day I usually have one bottle of flavored water, 12 ounces of diet soda, and the rest is filtered water. Occasionally I’ll have a sugar-free iced-tea or flavored drink, but not everyday. I often eat healthy cereals, salads, meat, potatoes, cheese, milk, and fruit. My husband cooks one or two meals a day for us (usually one) and he makes balanced, healthy meals. I do not avoid carbs like I used to. I like carbs too much to do that, and I know I will not be able to stick to a low-carb diet for the rest of my life. But most of the carbs I eat are healthy, such as potatoes, cereal, granola, yogurt, and vegetables.

I do not eat desserts or sweets. I have a little refined sugar from what is in granola bars, yogurt, and cereal, but I do not indulge in foods made mostly of sugar. I have sugar-free desserts if I get a sweet tooth, which is less than once a week. What motivates me to avoid sugar is my husband, because he has diabetes. Since he doesn’t eat sugary foods, I’m not tempted; plus, I don’t want to develop diabetes and I believe a high-sugar diet is a leading cause of diabetes. Right now, my glucose levels are normal (my doctor appointment in February revealed my glucose was 100 after five hours of fasting).

I feel great with my diet. I’m not a perfect eater though, because I do eat too much sometimes or occasionally when I’m not very hungry. But I believe no one is a perfect eater anyway. I feel like I did when I was a kid, eating what I want when I’m hungry and not being obsessed with food or quantities, and not having unhealthy eating behavior like starving or binging. I feel like a healthy, natural eater!


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